A new future is predicted: Lindemans presents Tarot d’Or and Noir, two high-alcohol, mixed fermentation fruit beers

A new future is predicted: Lindemans presents Tarot d’Or and Noir, two high-alcohol, mixed fermentation fruit beers

For more than 200 years, Lindemans Brewery has been producing traditional lambic at their historic site in Vlezenbeek, Belgium. Last year, the family brewery opened a second production site in neighbouring Ruisbroek, where only high-fermentation beers are brewed. "As the sixth generation of lambic brewers, Dirk and I want to continue to delight consumers by using authentic lambic creatively and innovatively," explains Geert Lindemans. "Therefore, we are very proud to be able to present our first blends of lambic with top-fermented beer. Thanks to their special taste sensation and the 8 per cent alcohol percentage, Lindemans Tarot d'Or - Exotic fruit and Tarot Noir - Forest fruit are nice additions to our existing product range. These new beers have a delightful, fruity aroma and a balanced, somewhat complex taste."

The brilliant, golden blond Tarot d'Or with added mango, lime, and honeydew melon has a beautiful white head. The pleasant, sultry aroma evokes hints of mango, lychee, pineapple with nuances of ripe pear. The taste is full, juicy and round with notes of ripe exotic fruit. The beer has a nice sweet-and-sour balance and a pleasant, smooth aftertaste.

Tarot Noir is also a blend of top-fermented beer and lambic with added blueberries, blackcurrants, and black elderberries. The beer turns dark purple in the glass. It has a full, compact foam head and a sultry and intense aroma of dark and red fruit. The natural taste is juicy and round, reminiscent of red and black currants with a hint of cherry. Tarot Noir has nice acidity and a surprisingly soft and fresh aftertaste.

The sugar content of Tarot d'Or and Tarot Noir is deliberately kept low. Both beers contain no sweeteners or colouring agents.

Why Tarot?
The brand story of the Tarot beers is linked to the Lindemans brand universe and takes us back to the belle époque. Tarot is a card game that originated in the Middle Ages. These cards are used for entertainment and divination. Dirk Lindemans: "Just like lambic, Tarot boasts a long tradition. The label depicts a fortune teller who predicts: 'Look deep into my eyes. I will reveal a future where a mysterious stranger with a fruity character and enchanting aura crosses your path. A magical presence that stimulates all your senses.' Let this wonderful future come to you, and enjoy it intensely."

The new beers are available in 25 cl bottles and 20-litre kegs. Starting March 2023, Tarot d'Or and Tarot Noir will be on beer bar menus and in specialised beverage stores, in Belgium and neighbouring countries. A few weeks later, Tarot will also be available in supermarkets and the Lindemans web shop (lindemans.be)

About Lindemans Brewery
Since 1822, the Lindemans family has been brewing lambic in the heart of Pajottenland. Over the past 20 years, sales have increased sharply at home and abroad. As a result, the company grew into the largest, independent, family-owned lambic brewery, and Lindemans is now a well-established name in the international beer industry. In 2022, the brewery, run by cousins Geert and Dirk Lindemans, produced more than 110,000 hectoliters. The company employs 70 people.


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