Along with the launch of the Fruit & Spice Lambicus range, the Timmermans brewery is rearranging its lambic portfolio

Along with the launch of the Fruit & Spice Lambicus range, the Timmermans brewery is rearranging its lambic portfolio

Complete rebranding of the Timmermans brewery's lambic beers, a new and exciting chapter may start

On Tuesday, on the last brew of the season, Timmermans, the oldest lambic brewery in the world, presented its new Fruit & Spice Lambicus range. The brewery innovates by adding spices in their existing fruity beers. These ingredients provide a surprising and well-balanced taste and a pleasant aroma, which will certainly appeal to the new generation of consumers. The Timmermans Kriek got a bit more spice thanks to a pinch of black pepper. Cardamom elevates in a subtle way the peach flavour of the Timmermans Pêche. Thyme is incredibly pleasant with the Timmermans Strawberry. The hibiscus is a perfect match for Timmermans Framboise and provides that extra touch of flavour. Anthony Martin’s family, home of Timmermans, took advantage of this new product launch to rebrand the entire lambic beer portfolio.

“Lambic is the oldest beer style in the world which is still produced and consumed today. These authentic beers are a centuries-old tradition, born from the wild yeast in the air of the Pajottenland and in the wood of our oak barrels. That is why we want to elevate the Timmermans brand to a real terroir product that perfectly matches its high, intrinsic quality,” says owner Anthony Martin, elected World’s Supreme Brewer in 2022, who saved the Timmermans brewery from a major real estate project 30 years ago.

Anthony Martin: “Today, young consumers travel the world. They discover other cultures, majestic landscapes, and exotic flavours. Once they return to Europe, they fondly remember these world cuisines. This new generation of consumers - also known as 'novelty seekers' - love innovation and special taste experiences. To accommodate them, we have added a touch of spices to our range of fruity beers. In this way, we want to enhance the taste and aroma of the fruit and arouse the curiosity of a young generation of consumers whilst remaining true to our heritage.

Complete rebranding
All other Timmermans beers were also received a rebranding, which stands out for its sobriety and striking colour scheme. The collar label refers to the founding year, more than 320 years ago, and to the very first name of the lambic brewery ('t Molleken – the Little Mole). The new labels are modern and stylish, reflecting their commitment to innovation and tradition.

The new Fruit & Spice Lambicus range is added to the existing range of traditional Timmermans beers. These classics are aimed at lambic beer enthusiasts, who are looking for quality and full-bodied, complex taste experiences.

The Oude Gueuze and Oude Kriek, whose denominations are protected by the EU, are the queens of the beer world. Another classic from the Timmermans range is the Lambicus Blanche. This beer was created in the 1990s and is a lambic spiced with coriander and citrus, typical of the Belgian white beers. The range also includes the so-called Kriek Retro for true cherry beer lovers. In this kriek, the acidity of the lambic is perfectly balanced with the fruity character of the sour cherries. As the history wants it, the candy sugar added gives a pleasant, sweet taste to the Timmermans Faro. ​ These three last beers are now available in 33cl bottle as they are beers to enjoy commonly.

About Timmermans Brewery
Timmermans Brewery was founded in 1702 in a farmhouse in the centre of Itterbeek (Dilbeek). It is the oldest active lambic brewery in the world, where brewing takes place to the rhythm of the grain crusher. Ten years ago, Anthony Martin protected the Timmermans Brewery as a monument to preserve the lambic heritage and ensure the future of this beautiful brewery. Only lambic-based beers are produced, both traditional lambic beers and new creations.

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