Another win for the Lindemans premium gins!

Another win for the Lindemans premium gins!

Five medals so far this year at international spirits competitions

The Lindemans premium gins were awarded for the third time this year at an international spirits competition. In January 2023, the Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Red took gold at the World Gin Awards and was named ‘Country Winner’. Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Clear also won the bronze medal. In March, the Clear Gin won another bronze medal at the International World & Spirits Competition 2023. This Wednesday, the sixth edition of the London Spirits Competition jury announced that the Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Clear won a silver medal, while Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Red took the bronze.

Dirk Lindemans: “We are delighted that our premium gins keep scoring at international competitions. When gin connoisseurs and members of professional juries award them a medal after a blind tasting, that is undeniable proof that our gins are top performers.”

“Both our clear and red gin are authentic regional products from Belgium, based on a distillate of Oude Kriek Cuvée René”, explains Geert Lindemans. “We brew the Oude Kriek in the Pajottenland region. Subsequently, it is distilled by the Aalst-based De Moor distillery. When one adds a neutral tonic to these gins, the taste of sour cherries subtly comes to the fore.” 

Lindemans premium gins are available in specialised liquor stores and retail and in the brewery’s webshop (

Gin based on Oude Kriek
Lindemans is a family-owned brewery and one of the most renowned producers of gueuze, kriek and other lambic beers. Besides numerous types and flavours of lambic beer, the brewery’s product range has been expanded with two gins: a Clear version and a Red gin as well. Both are based on a distillate of Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvée René, to which fifteen carefully selected herbs and spices are added. These include juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica, orris root, grains of paradise, cardamom, lavender, and rosemary. 

The aroma of Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Clear is characterised by its refreshing citrus notes. This clear gin has a pleasant, dry mouthfeel. The initial explosion of citrus on the palate is subtly complemented by the warm aftertaste of cardamom seeds and an elegant hint of juniper berries. The beautiful, striking colour of the Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Red is obtained by adding fresh cherry juice. Floral and spicy notes characterise the aroma. The citrus notes are recognisable in the mouth, and cherries in the aftertaste. Both gins have an ABV of 46%. The infusion of various herbs and spices ensures a nice balance with just the right mellowness. 

The London Spirits Competition recognises and rewards spirits that distinguish themselves in taste, aroma, appearance, and value for money. The best spirits receive a gold, silver or bronze medal.

The Lindemans family has been brewing authentic lambic beers in Vlezenbeek, in the very heart of Pajottenland, since 1822. In the past 20 years, sales have increased substantially in Belgium and internationally. Lindemans is the largest independent family-owned brewery of lambic beers in the world and is firmly established as a renowned brand in the international beer market. In 2022, the Pajottenland-based brewery – which employs a workforce of 70 – produced over 120,000 hectolitres of beverages.

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