Kestemont Brewery is HORAL's newest member

Kestemont Brewery is HORAL's newest member

On Thursday, Kestemont Brewery officially joined the High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL). In addition to the newcomer from Dilbeek, 12 other lambic brewers and gueuze blenders from the Pajottenland and the Senne Valley are HORAL members. Together, they represent more than 80% of traditional lambic production. The non-profit organisation aims to promote traditional lambic beers, particularly the Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek, and to protect these beers. HORAL also organises the legendary Toer de Geuze. The next edition of this open brewery weekend will take place on May 4 and 5, 2024. All HORAL members, including newcomer Kestemont, will open their doors to the general public.

Two years after the Kestemont family company purchased in 2017 the partially restored buildings of the former Goossens brewery in Sint-Gertrudis-Pede (a hamlet in Dilbeek), Lias Kestemont (37) and his brother-in-law Wim Krieckemans (38) ordered their first shipment of wort at the Den Herberg brewery.

“We let it mature in oak barrels in the large barn. Two years later, we invested in our brewing equipment, with which we can brew 1,500 litres at a time,” says Lias Kestemont. “Our lambic stock currently amounts to around 700 hectolitres. In the barrel room, one will find French wine barrels of approximately 200 litres, 500-litre wine barrels of Italian origin, and even various cognac barrels in which between 400 and 600 litres of lambic can mature. Altogether, about 360 barrels.”

His brother-in-law Wim added: “Although we are one of the youngest lambic producers, Lias and I hold tradition and authenticity of paramount importance. In addition to our Oude Geuze, Oude Kriek and Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek, we offer Oude Lambiek in bag-in-box through specialised retailers, intended for pub owners and lambic enthusiasts. Our range includes many tasty, 100% traditionally made fruit lambics, such as our Apricot, awarded a silver medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2023, and the Coulis Spécial, made with home-grown red and other berries. Towards the Toer de Geuze 2024, we will release a lambic beer with blood orange and another with bergamot. We are looking forward to making this biennial lambic event a great success with all other HORAL members!”

“Kestemont’s accession to our non-profit organisation was unanimously approved by the General Assembly. Four new members in four years. All ambitious new members who fully support HORAL’s objectives. In 2020, we welcomed Lambiek Fabriek, a year later brewery Den Herberg, and exactly 12 months ago Eylenbosch,” stated HORAL chairman Gert Christiaens. “The Lambicland landscape is becoming more diverse. It contributes to the greater attraction that the Pajottenland and the Senne Valley exert on beer lovers from our country and far beyond. During the first weekend of May, HORAL will again celebrate the high mass of the Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek. There is still much work to be done, but I am convinced that the upcoming Toer de Geuze will surpass all previous editions regarding visitor numbers.”

The Toer de Geuze 2024 program and all other practical details regarding the open brewery weekend will be officially announced next week. Ticket sales for the buses operated by HORAL will also start then.

HORAL was founded in 1997. The non-profit organisation unites most Geuze blenders and lambic breweries in Flemish and Walloon Brabant. Boon, De Oude Cam, De Troch, Den Herberg, Eylenbosch, Hanssens, Kestemont, Lambiek Fabriek, Lindemans, Mort Subite, Oud Beersel, Tilquin and Timmermans are the members of the brewers’ association.


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