Three Lindemans Beers Voted ‘World's Best Style Winner’ at World Beer Awards 2022

Three Lindemans Beers Voted ‘World's Best Style Winner’ at World Beer Awards 2022

Belgian family brewery wins a total of 14 awards!

Today the winners of the 2022 World Beer Awards final were announced. This prestigious beer competition promotes and rewards the best internationally recognized beer styles. Lindemans achieved an excellent result at this year’s edition. The Belgian brewery, celebrating its bicentennial anniversary, won the title ‘World’s Best Style Winner’ in three categories. Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvée René was awarded the title ‘World’s Best Gueuze’. The Oude Kriek Cuvée René was awarded the title ‘World’s Best Kriek’. The strawberry beer Lindemans Strawberry took the title ‘World’s Best Fruit Lambic’.

Lindemans harvested an impressive number of awards at the World Beer Awards 2022. During the preliminaries, Lindemans already won a silver medal, five gold medals and five Country Winner awards. With the three ‘World’s Best Style Winner’ titles added, the counter for this year’s edition totalled 14 awards.

Earlier this month, during the preliminary round, Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvée Francisca already won silver in the ‘Gueuze style’ category. The Oude Gueuze Cuvée René took gold and the Belgian title in the same group. The BlossomGueuze, the Oude Kriek Cuvée René, Lindemans Goyck and Lindemans Strawberry, each in their respective categories, also got a gold medal and were named ‘Country Winner’.

Phenomenal result
Dirk and Geert Lindemans, the two cousins who run the family business together, are very pleased with this result. Dirk: “In the past, we have already achieved great results with our beers at the World Beer Awards. In 2020 we won a bronze and two gold medals. Last year the jury awarded four gold medals to our beers. Two beers were named ‘Country Winner’, and Lindemans Goyck even took the title ‘World’s Best Style Winner’ in the final. We have never dreamed that in the year that our brewery celebrates its 200th anniversary, we would win so many WBA awards. That is a very nice compliment to all our employees. We are truly proud of our team. With Geert, I would like to thank them very much for their efforts and congratulate them for their fine work.”

“2022 is not just an ordinary year of celebration, and it is truly a big milestone in the long history of our brewery”, stated Geert Lindemans. “At the beginning of September, we will officially inaugurate our second production site, called Lindemans Satellite Brewery. With this investment of more than 28 million euros, we want to support growth and prepare our family business for the third century of its existence.”

About Lindemans Brewery
The Lindemans family has been brewing lambic in Vlezenbeek, Belgium, since 1822. Over the past 20 years, sales have increased substantially in Belgium and abroad. Lindemans is the largest, independent, family-owned lambic brewery and has become an established name in the international beer world. In 2021, the brewery produced more than 122,000 hectoliters. The company has 70 employees.

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