World Beer Awards: Lindemans awarded 4 medals in total, with 2 medals for the brewery’s newest addition: Tarot 8%

World Beer Awards: Lindemans awarded 4 medals in total, with 2 medals for the brewery’s newest addition: Tarot 8%

Thursday night, the ‘Country Winners’ of the World Beer Awards 2023 were announced in London. This is the first round in the prestigious beer competition that shines a spotlight on and recognises excellence in all internationally recognised beer styles. The Lindemans Brewery once again achieved outstanding results in the Sour & Wild beers category with four winning beers, including its two newest varieties. Notably, Lindemans Tarot Noir 8% and Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvée René were voted ‘Country Winners’ and will represent the brewery in the final round of judging, which will take place at the end of this month. Lindemans Tarot d’Or 8% and Lindemans Goyck were also awarded bronze medals in their respective categories.

The first ‘Country Winner’ is a new beer: Lindemans Tarot Noir. This strong fruit beer with an ABV of 8% yet a low sugar content came in on top as the best ‘Fruit Lambic’ in the Sour & Wild Beers category. The blend of high-fermentation beer, lambic beer and dark forest fruits such as blackberries, blackcurrants and elderberries is a winning combination with a natural, mellow flavour and a refined touch of acidity. Another newcomer to the Lindemans family, Tarot d’Or, was awarded a bronze medal in the same category.

​The second ‘Country Winner’ from Lindemans is the brewery’s highly awarded Oude Gueuze Cuvée René. This traditional Oude Gueuze is a masterful blend of three-year-old and one-year-old lambic beer. It has a clear light golden body, a sophisticated aroma, a refreshing, slightly sour flavour, and a dry and distinctive after-taste that lingers on the palate.

​In addition to the two ‘Country Winners’ and bronze medal winner Tarot d’Or, Lindemans Goyck also made it to the finals once again, earning the brewery yet another bronze medal in the category ‘Sour & Wild Ale’. 

​An expert panel of judges tasted the beers entered by Lindemans with the greatest care and assessed them on their quality, taste, and character.

Innovation as a constant
Dirk & Geert Lindemans, the two cousins who run the 200-year-old family brewery together, are more than satisfied with the outcome. ‘This triumph is a valuable acknowledgement of the hard work performed by the Lindemans team in the past years. We were honoured to learn that our newest line of beers, Lindemans Tarot Noir & Tarot d’Or, were already conferred prestigious awards. Apart from that, it’s also wonderful to see that our Oude Gueuze Cuvée René has once again earned the highest distinction. This prize-winning beer is a genuine legend in the world of beer, and has proven its outstanding worth for beer lovers time and again. We are also proud that our Goyck was once again the recipient of a great award. All of these awards encourage us to keep dedicating ourselves to quality and innovation, and we look forward to surprising beer lovers with unique flavours and aromas just as much in the future as we have until now.’

The brewery is always happy to share its dedication to the traditional craft of brewing beer with lovers of fine beers all over the world.

​Lindemans’ award-winning beers are available at specialised shops and retailers, and can also be obtained online (

About Lindemans Brewery
The Lindemans family has been brewing authentic lambic beers in Vlezenbeek, in the very heart of Pajottenland, since 1822. In the past 20 years, sales have increased substantially in Belgium and internationally. Lindemans is the largest independent family-owned brewery of lambic beers in the world and is firmly established as a renowned brand in the international beer market. In 2022, the Pajottenland-based brewery – which employs a workforce of 70 – produced over 120,000 hectolitres of beverages.

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